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DiscipleTrips is a short-term mission organization designed to prepare and send PEOPLE to various PLACES to help everyone discover their greater PURPOSE.



Like any trip, you have to make  your reservation.  DiscipleTrips begin with a three phase application process: 

  • Application: You fill out an online application and submit a short essay on why you think you’re ready for a DiscipleTrip.  
  • Parent/Guardian Blessing (for those under 18): Foreign travel is a big deal! We must have your parents’  blessing and support before you can proceed.
  • Leadership Recommendation: We also want to make sure your church leaders think you’re ready for the challenge.  Their support makes a great difference.


Once your application is accepted, you’ll be enrolled in our online training program which features World Bible School lessons.  The focus of the curriculum is discipleship and evangelism.  You’ll be introduced to practical lessons that will help you grow and teach you how you can share your faith with someone around the world or across the street.  


These lessons will help the student spiritually prepare and will also serve as an indication of  the candidate’s commitment to the process.  Once this assignment is complete, you'll be registered as a WBS teacher and asked to teach at least two international students.  This is exciting because you'll get the opportunity to be involved in world missions before you even leave home!




Candidates who successfully  complete step two will confirm their reservation but there’s one more step before your DiscipleTrip.  Your entire mission team will gather at your trip’s departure city approximately 24 hours before your flight for an  intensive training workshop called "FLIGHT SCHOOL." This final meeting is essential in bringing all the elements of our mission experience together. We’ll review the things you’ve previously learned and also focus on topics like: team building, mission principles,  cultural sensitivity, health/safety, personal evangelism and more. This last step is a critical component and must be completed as a team.